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Features Checklist

• Various animal species in one solution   
• Collect data by group or individual animal

• Animal receiving, sorting & shipping
• Communication with National Animal Database
• Display animal pedigree

• Weighing and body gain records
• Health records
• Vaccination plan
• Lactation history
• Breading status and alerts
• Best breeders
• Required herd movements
• Weaning alerts
• Cost and expenses records
• Comprehensive reports

• Track revenue and costs by barn, pen, and lot

• Interfaces directly with weigh scales and RFID
   panel readers

• Electronic data sharing with  
  suppliers / customers


Developed having your business in mind - in development process we did survey with feed suppliers, farmers, breeders, veterinarians, live stock merchants and abattoir managers, in other words every link in your business chain.

Easy to use software with modern design enables you to gain immediate speed in your tracking and recording.

Suitable for any type of livestock production system outdoor or indoor, pastoral or extensive, Unicorn ARC suits them all.

Record animal-specific records all in one customized livestock program. Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Horses, Donkeys, Deer, Elk, Alpaca, Llama, Dogs etc. - handle any combination

Save time and money with rapid data entry, adding cattle pictures, customizable picture pedigrees, due date reports, income and expense recording, treating multiple animals at once with vaccinations, interface with RF readers, download weights from cattle scales, average daily gain and other weight and measurement information.

Livestock producers today have the potential to be so much more than providers of animals and animal products.
With transparent and secure livestock tracking solution based on state-of-the-art-technology, livestock producers can accurately measure the best performing animals for better business decisions, while also offering producers and consumers a unique product with an edge on the competition. On the other hand, without accurate livestock tracking software, livestock producers can get lost in the game of guesswork.

Our livestock tracking and tracing software can save you time and money, while satisfying the needs of all members of your value chain.
Unicorn ARC is livestock management and traceability software which provides all of the tools you need for individual animal management for feedlots, including production management, quality assurance record keeping and traceability.

It uses a portable handheld RFID reader which connects to computer, or a touch screen computer connected to scales and RFID panel readers.
Our cattle identification and traceability software makes identification, tracking and recording an easy tasks to perform.

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