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Unicorn Food Processing is global ERP software solution designed specifically for the food manufacturing industry and other related industries.
It is a modular, multi-user system allowing for low cost entry and future expansion as business requirements change and budgets permit.
Our software solution makes it possible for small to mid-size food manufacturers to have level of control that until now was only available for large organizations.
Presently our customer base consists of bakeries, meat processors, centralized restaurant kitchens, chemical plants, paint manufacturers etc.
Features Checklist

• Develop recepies/formulations with full process
• Work orders from client orders summary
• Track actual production results
• Trace raw material usage
• Inventory Management and Control
• Weighing and labeling
• Production Packing Stations
• Recipes based costing
• Meat Matrix (Block Test)
• Materials Requirements Planning
• Quality Controll
• Performance monitoring
• Order Processing and Planning
• Batch/LotTraceability
• Full Unicorn ERP Integration
• Powerful Reporting
• Purchase Management
• Delivery Management

• Integration With Production Scales, Scaners,
  PDT's etc.
• Inventory Serialization
• Ingredients Dispensing Control
• HACCP compliance

Fast and efficient order entry - you can generate orders either on-the-go or by using standing orders created on the system. Standing Sales Orders allow you to quickly generate repetitive orders on a daily basis.

Easy Work Orders Generation - straight from client orders, daily production schedule list or on demand. On the same screen user can see ingredients required and their available quantities.

Scale integrated issuing - Ingredient quantities are controlled by special module communicating with production scale. Weight precision is limiting users from over or under issuing.

Scale or PDT assisted receiving - avoiding discrepancies between received and invoiced stock from supplier is main issue in stock control process when working with goods with high moisture content.

Order to dispatch to invoice - On the same screen client order is called, items scanned against order and finally invoice created by actual goods and quantities scanned. System is controlling that actual client order is fulfilled. All items short scanned or left not being scanned will stay on back order.

Record the results of batch manufacturing including raw material quantities consumed, yield produced, and lot tracking/tracing information.

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