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TransElectronics has more than 20 years experience in IT sales, installations and support. Our technical staff is highly qualified and well trained to meet all your needs.

UNICORN System is Windows based system and can be installed on any computer running Microsoft Windows '98, NT, Me, XP, 2000, 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10... System can run on single computer or on the large network.

UNICORN System supports various type of peripheral devices:
        - Modems (faxing, E-mailing)
        - A4 Printers (reporting)
        - Programmable keyboards
        - Receipt and Kitchen Printers
        - Cash Drawers (through printer)
        - Customer Displays
        - Touch Screens
        - Label and Bar Code Printers
        - Bar Code Scanners
        - Scales
        - Portable Data Terminals
        - Video Text Overlay With CCTV
        - Card readers
        - Fingerprint readers

... and more
We do provide:
New computers, servers, workstations, all in one computers, laptops...

We will service and repair your existing equipment, do support, upgrades and alternations.

For emergencies, we will provide you with loan equipment.
Whether you need new label printer, new thermal head or service for your old printer we are here to assist you.

Unicorn works with any printer supporting one of  the following languages PPLB, ZPL, EPL or epson.

We do custom label design to suit your product needs.
We supply all kind of laser, ink jet and dot matrix printers for invicing and reporting.

Portioning Scales
Labeling Scales
Production Scales
Rail Scales
Folding Scales
Platform Scales
Platforms and Indicators

Supply, Installation, Support

Anything to suit your specific needs... we got them all.
We provide:
Handhold  scanners (CCD or laser)
Vertical scanners
In-counter scanners
Portable Data Terminals

Our clients are most concerned about power issues such as power failure, power sag, power surge, under voltage or over voltage, frequency variation, harmonic distortion and line noise.
We supply UPS units for corporate and small business as well as accessories and batteries to keep things running smoothly.
Wide range of:
Computer accessories
Money detectors
Money Counters
Coin Sorters
Till Rolls
Address:  69 Main Road
                  Eastleigh - Edenvale 1609
                  South Africa
Land line: +27 11 452 5673
Cell phone: +27 82 259 5965

Contact person: Plamen Hristov
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