Business Software Solutions
Features Checklist

• Size and Colour Matrix
• Hampers
• Weighted Items
• Pack Sizes (linked Items)
• Embedded Barcodes
• Interchangable Items
• Meat Matrix
• Acurate Stock Control Management
• Laybyes
• Appros
• Rentals
• Workshop Orders and Jobbing
• Quotes
• Orders
• Price Levels
• Price Change Scheduling
• Discount Matrix
• Split Payment and Mixed Payment ability
• Specials and Promotions
• Debtors and Creditors
• Client Loyalty Cards facilitation
• Barcode Printing
• Mail Integration
• Touch Screen Integration
• Retail Scale and Checkweight Integration
• CCTV integration
• Comprehensive Management Reporting
• Detailed Discounts and Voids Tracking  and
• Security Levels User Access
• Multiple Stores and Remote Sites Data
• Export/Import Facilities


Integration With Unicorn ERP. Unicorn POS is fully integrated with a accounting system, therefore eliminates need of additional bookkeeper’s work. It is linked to your stock control, document control and clients information system.

Fast Information Access. Such as fast and slow movers, low stock levels, salesman accomplishment, daily takings and every other aspect of your retail business performance. Unicorn POS is a live system and all information flows in a real time.

Historical records. Easy accessible information for past transactions, payments and returns. All Unicorn reports are date driven.

Easy and flexible till reconciliation. No lengthy and complicated end-of-the-day procedures. You can reconcile your money by till by user or by shift. Even if you have more than one sales person using one till point, transactions are spitted by user.

Full tracking and control. System is easily configured to track of who does what on the system with additional security on every step of your selling process.

Fast throughput and great reliability. Your clients like to shop, they don’t like to wait. Unicorn POS is able to take any transactions load from your clients. We have users with millions of transactions and no downtime at all.

Integration with retail hardware. Unicorn POS integrates with receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, touch screens, customer displays, retail scales and CCTV cameras in extremely easy way. We can provide you with complete installation of hardware and software or if you have existing system, we can use your hardware with our software.

Low maintenance and repair cost. Our system has been tested and proven over the years by our customers. Virtually there is no maintenance and repair cost on our software. Also there is no hidden costs in using our system. In the initial price of the system it is included training and handholding
Unicorn POS is extremely easy to use with intuitive interface even for users with no previous computer experience.
If you need problem free, quick to install, quick to learn retail and powerful system, then Unicorn POS is just for you.

The world of retail is constantly evolving, coinciding with the world of technology and increasingly tech-savvy consumers.
Because of the evolving retail sphere, we are constantly working to leverage new technologies to Your benefit.
Our retail system is All-In-One solution suitable for small, medium and large businesses.

Present list of our retail customers includes, but is not limited to supermarkets, butcheries, bakeries, fruit and veg, sportswear, bottle stores, automotive parts, boutiques, spice merchants, hardware and building materials, footwear stores, furniture and home appliances, linen and upholstery stores etc. 
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