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UNICORN Restaurant POS (RPOS)- The restaurant business is highly competitive, and one of the keys to success is customer service.
Important part of that is your restaurant management system.

From kiosks to multi-chain restaurants, Unicorn RPOS works great whatever your size.

Our Restaurant POS serves take-away, restaurants, bars, night clubs, delivery orders, and online orders.
Unicorn RPOS is affordable, user-friendly, features rich, extremely reliable solution that gives you ultimate control over your business.
Features Checklist

• Inventory Management and Control
• Recipes Management and Food Costing
• Deli section control with Barcode Sacnning
• Modifiers
• Notes
• Split Order Printing
• Happy Hours
• Discounts
• Repeat Order
• Internal Ordering
• Various Payment Option, Split and mixed Payment
• Tabs control
• Powerful Dashboard and Reporting
• Purchase Management
• Table management
• Delivery Management
• Accounts and membership cards
• Specials and promotions
• Kitchen and bar order screens
• Multiple stock locations
• Multiple menus


Easier tracking of orders and sales. Unicorn POS can handle high volume of transactions with absolute accuracy. Users can see fast sellers and identify a need for changes in the menu and purchasing patterns.

Improved communication between departments. One complex order will be split between kitchen, bar, cold food and pizza sections automatically without need servers to run around and shout their orders to staff.

Enhanced security. With Unicorn software in place, servers are accountable for all sales rung up and cannot alter customer payments. This helps to maintain a lid on employee theft and prevents staff members from giving discounts to their friends and family members.

Full integration with ERP system. Full stock control, forecasting, recipe based costing eliminates or minimizes shortages and wastages. Comprehensive set of reports helps identifying usage patterns and allows for better understanding your business and efficient planning of purchases and avoiding over-ordering.

Time saving. Unicorn RPOS streamlines all tasks within the company. Eliminates need of time-consuming manual tasks such as reconciliations and stock counting. Gives you time usage patterns that will help you better plan your staff attendance.

Increase your sales. Faster order processing means more turnovers for you. You can also use specials and promotions to attract more customers.

Reduced training time. Training of new staff is taking minutes due to simple graphical interface. New person can start bringing immediate value to your business.

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