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Our WeighBridge/WeighStation application is designed with two main things in mind. Ease of use and robust data entry capabilities. The single screen design allows for the users fast and simply transactions processing.

All of the information needed is at the touch of their fingers through simplified and modern touch screen interface.

Simplified and friendly interface allows for quick processing of scale transactions in order to keep speed of the traffic flow at your facility moving both in and out.
Functionality Checklist

• Truck List keeping
• Account List
• Stock load list (with various fees)
• User List
• Shift Totals
• Z-reading
• Ticket Printing
• Label Printing
• Traceability
• Hardware Integration
• Comprehensive Reporting

Turnkey Solution - When it comes to looking for the complete Weighing solution, TransElectronis Systems handles everything from weighing and bagging to palletizing and stretch wrapping.
Quick and simple implementation - no lengthy process of installation and training staff. We provide you with unique customized solution to suit your needs.
Flexible, user friendly and fully configurable - our system works with most industrial scales and indicators. Software Configuration and setup takes literally minutes.
Reducing your operating costs - As an important part of any self-managed under/overweight detection program, the load weight analyzer of Unicorn WBS helps you to ensure that load cannot pass desired limits.
Improving productivity - Fast and accurate processing ensures quicker throughput of loads.
Captures true weight of the stock/load - Unicorn WBS captures and records Gross, Nett and Tare weight of every transaction.
Improves processing speed trough scales
ERP System Integration - Unicorn WBS is fully integrated with our ERP system and uses same client database, while generating records in GL and Stock Control files. Through Export/Import interface, system can be integrated with almost every other accounting and ERP systems.
Improves security - User Access control prevents unauthorized users to view or change information on the system. User logs are recorded by the system making clear at every moment of who did what and when.
Reporting & Analysis - Unicorn WBS comes complete with full set of reports each with extensive filters and layout configuration options. In addition, being a Microsoft based platform, every report can be exported to excel for further, user manipulation or E-mailed straight from the system.
Provides lifetime customer support services - Our service technicians can be relied upon to provide you with prompt, reliable and friendly support. You can be rest assured that you will receive exceptional technical support from TransElectronics whenever you needed it.

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